"Kentucky's 12 Days of Christmas"

Zoom Program:  
Dec. 8th. 1-3 EST    
Hosted by Stephen M. Vest and joined by Georgia Green Stamper and the musical duo, Heath and Molly.
Our December program is shaping up to be a unique experience drawn from the pages of “Kentucky’s Twelve Days of Christmas”, an anthology of Kentucky holiday lore, published by Kentucky Monthly Magazine.  Steve Vest, editor and publisher of the magazine, will be our host as we are treated to some of the selections from this collection of stories, poems and songs by Kentucky artists.

Stephen M. Vest is the editor and publisher of Kentucky Monthly magazine.  He is the author of several books, including “Unexpected Inheritance” and “Seasoned Cooking of Kentucky”.   He is an accomplished writer, speaker and teacher.   A graduate of both U of L and Murray State University, Steve and his wife, Kay, live in Frankfort, KY.

Georgia Green Stamper was raised in Owen County, KY.  After graduating from Transylvania University, she taught high school English, theater and coached the speech team.  In 1999, she began writing essays that have been published in numerous publications.  In 2004 she began writing a bi-weekly column, “Georgia:  On My Mind” for The Owenton News Herald.   She now lives with her husband, Eric, in Lexington.

Heath and Molly Eric, a husband and wife duo, are an American Roots-Rock musical group from Western Kentucky (Rumsey).  They performed about 150 concerts and festivals a year until late 2019 when they retired from public performing.  They formed The Eric Group, which handles the behind the scenes work necessary to produce concerts and festivals.  We are so lucky they have agreed to share their musical talents with LGS.
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