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Genealogical Periodical Holdings 


Jane Turner Hamm Library 

Louisville Genealogical Society 

Updated September 2022 



Ancestral News (Ancestral Trail Historical Society) 1976-2022 

Annual Yearbook (Historical Society of Hopkins County) 1987-2001 

Back Trails (Spencer County Historical and genealogical Society) 1993-2002 

Bluegrass Roots (Kentucky Genealogical Society) 1977-2009 

Bulletin, The (West-Central Kentucky Family Research Association) 1986-2010 

Campbell County Historical News - 1999-2011 

Central Kentucky Researcher (Taylor County Historical Society) 1986-1997 

Clay County Ancestral News - 1999-2009 

East Kentuckian: Journal of Genealogy and History, The (Maysville to Monticello counties) 1976-2001  

Estill County Historical Genealogical Society - 1999-2001 

Forgotten Pathways (Hancock County Genealogical Society) 1985-1986 

Fulton-Hickman Genealogical Journal - 1998-2000 

Green County Review/Green County Journal - 1986-2006 

Hart County Historical Society Quarterly - 1997-2012 

Heritage, The (Muhlenberg County Genealogical Society) 1986-1998 

Journey into the Past (Graves County Genealogical Society) 2003-2012 

Kentucky Ancestors (Kentucky Historical Society) 1966-2008 

Kentucky Family Records (West-Central Kentucky Family Research Association) 1996-2012 

Kentucky Genealogist – 1978-1983 

Kentucky Pioneer Genealogy and Records - 1983 

Kentucky Traces (Butler County Genealogical and Historical Society) 1999-2009 

Kin Hunters (Logan County Genealogical Society) 1988-1998 

Knox County Kinfolk - 1999-2005 

Legacy, The (Henderson County Genealogical Society) 1999 

Long Hunter (Southern Genealogical Society) 1989-2011 

Mason County Genealogical Society Newsletter – 1988-2011 

Nelson County Genealogist – 1990-2019 

Nelson County Pioneer – 1981-1995 

Our Heritage (Corbin Genealogical Society) 1999-2011 

Pulaski Past – 1995-2019 

Record, The (Breathitt County Genealogical and Historical Society) 1999-2012 

Register, The (Kentucky Historical Society) 1950-2007 

Traces (South Central Kentucky Historical and Genealogical Society) 1996-2012 

Tree Builders (Christian County Genealogical Society) 1992-2005 

Tree Shaker (Eastern Kentucky Genealogical Society) 1998-2004 

Wilderness Road (Bullitt County Genealogical Society) 1995-2022

Yesterday’s Tuckaway (Hopkins County Genealogical Society) 1999-2010