Mission / Purpose

The Louisville Genealogical Society was founded in 1985; membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy, or the history of Louisville,  Jefferson County, and surrounding areas.  It was organized in 1985 as a nonprofit,  educational society for the purpose of preserving, evaluating and sharing local records.  Click for a brief History of the early years of the society.

The Louisville Genealogical Society membership approved revisions to the by-laws of the Society at the meeting held October 23, 2012.  Click to review the amended ByLaws.

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Operating Year: January - December 2018

President: Tom Mercer
Vice President: Bill Snyder
Recording Secretary: Alberta Baker
Corresponding Secretary: Yvette Norsworthy
Treasurer: Maureen Fitzgerald
Past President: Jane Seelig
Membership Registrar: Amelia Debusman
Genealogical Advisor: Deborah Campisano
Genealogical Advisor: Nancy Roberson
Genealogical Advisor: Jane Hamm
Standing Committees
Celebration: Nancy Roberson
Celebration: Connie Fry
Celebration: Lynn Grossman
Historian: Bud Smith
Librarian: Jane Seelig
Asst Librarian: Vacant
Member Attendance: Patricia Zimmerman
Newsletter Editor: Bill Snyder
Quarterly Journal Editor: Stephanie Clayton
Postal: Judy Seidt
Programs: Betty Graham
Programs: Anne Rockwell
Programs: Mel Arnold
Programs: Lynn Grossman
Publications: Nancy Roberson
Seminar Chairperson: Susan Julien
Seminar Asst Chairperson: Amy Wisotsky
Seminar Advisor: Mel Arnold
Seminar Vendors: Jan Eastburn
Seminar Silent Auction: Jeanne Luhr
Sergeant-at-Arms: Jack Koppel
Technical Advisor: Philip Hysell
Travel Fall Trip: Susan Snyder
Travel Spring Trip: Susan Snyder
Travel 5th Tuesdays: Debra Renard
Workshops: Connie Fry
Special Committees
Audit: Bill Snyder
LDS Telephone Contact: Nancy Lecron
Webmaster: Mike Dittoe